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So, what is ROCKI?
ROCKI turns your own HiFI and speaker systems into a wireless music system.
I'm not technical at all. Can I use ROCKI too?
We've made ROCKI for everyone. Once you launch the ROCKI app you'll quickly understand how easy it is to use it!
How do I set up my ROCKI on Android?
Download the ROCKI app from the Google Play store and head to settings. Click on "Add a ROCKI" and follow the instructions! Don't feel like using the ROCKI app? Follow these steps for the setup process without using the app.
How do I set up my ROCKI on iOS?
Simple! Follow these steps and you'll be ROCKIN' the house in no time!
Can I use ROCKI with my HiFi amplifier and speakers?
Yes! ROCKI is designed to work with your own HiFi system! ROCKI comes with two connector cables, a headphone connector and an RCA (typically the red and white) to your system. However it does not connect to your individual un-powered loudspeaker boxes directly, it's always via an amplifier or powered speakers.
Can I use ROCKI with my old boombox or speaker-dock?
All you need is connect ROCKI to its Aux input and you'll be ready to ROCKI!
Can my friends play their music on my stereo?
Let them install the free ROCKI app so they can play their music to your ROCKI!
I want to throw a party, how does ROCKI fit in?
Tell your friends to bring their own music to the party. Once they install the free ROCKI app on their phones, they will be able to play music to your ROCKI connected speakers!
Can I use more than one ROCKI in the house?
Yes! Put one ROCKI in the living room connected to your HiFi set. The other in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom connected to a speaker dock. With the ROCKI app you choose where you want the music to play!
Can I play my music in several rooms through ROCKI?
Yes! Connect a ROCKI in each room and control what you want to listen to in each room separately. Note that the multi-room sync feature which will let you play the same song in sync in each room is not yet available and will be automatically added to your ROCKI once we push through the update.
Can I use ROCKI outside the house, on vacation, in my car, on picnicks?
ROCKI is equipped with an internal battery so you can enjoy it for up to 4 hours without needing a power socket (or longer if you use a mobile battery)! Hook it up to battery powered speakers or boombox and ROCKI your picnick!
Can I remote control my speakers?
Definitely! ROCKI is your single remote control that allows you to control what you're listening to on any connected speaker. You can even control the volume separately in each connected room!


How easy is it to set up ROCKI?
Connect a ROCKI to your HiFi or speaker, launch the ROCKI app on your phone and the app will guide you through the rest
How Do I Setup ROCKI Without The App?
Other than setting ROCKI up using the Android or iOS app, you can also use ROCKI's control panel to change configurations. To do so, follow one of these 2 tutorials! Android or iOS
How do I access the ROCKI control panel?
From the ROCKI control panel you can connect to your wifi network, update the firmware (ROCKI updates automatically but if you want to test beta features, this is where you have to be!), switch modes,... If your ROCKI is in hotspot mode, connect to the ROCKI hotspot (ROCKI_XXXXXX) by opening your wifi setting and use password 87654321 Once you are connected, open your web browser and browse to This will open the ROCKI control panel! If your ROCKI is in wifi mode, find your ROCKI's IP address and fill this in in your web browser. The easiest way to find your ROCKI's IP address is to open your network page on your PC.
Does ROCKI work with my Phone or Tablet?
The ROCKI app is currently available on Android and iOS! Download it through the Apple app store or the Google Play store.
Does ROCKI work with my router?
ROCKI is compatible with all 2.4GHz band routers and chances are very big your router is a 2.4GHz one!
Is ROCKI compatible with other music apps?
Yes! ROCKI uses UPNP and DLNA open standards to stream music and many other apps are compatible with this. In the Google Play store you can find Bubble UPNP which works great with ROCKI and adds a few features such as NAS playback and Google Music.
What sound formats can ROCKI handle?
MP3, FLAC, OGG, MP4, anything goes: If your smartphone can play it, so can ROCKI!
How about sound quality?
ROCKI supports the highest quality sound, even lossless (eg. FLAC) and uncompressed audio
What is the difference between ROCKI and bluetooth audio?
ROCKI uses WiFi to communicate between the app and the ROCKI connected HiFi or speakers, letting you control what's playing throughout the house wherever you are. Bluetooth would limit you to stay in the same room as the speaker and you will need to launch different apps to play your music.
What is the wireless range of ROCKI?
ROCKI works anywhere within your wireless network.
What kind of inputs / outputs does ROCKI have?
Input: WiFi stream from your smartphone. Output: 3.5mm mini jack (headphone). Power: Micro USB
How many users can be connected to ROCKI at the same time?
ROCKI is an open system, available to anyone within the same WiFi network. Anyone can play their tunes to ROCKI using the ROCKI app, AirPlay or any other UPnP player or app such as BubbleUPnP (Android) or Airfoil (PC).
How many ROCKIs can be connected in one network?
As many as your router allows! We'll soon be launching our multi-sync feature which will let you play music in sync over multiple ROCKIs which will make life even more fun!
How do I play music to my ROCKI?
Do you have a phone, a tablet or a computer? Great! You can stream music to ROCKI. From your Android or iOS device, use the ROCKI app which you can download for free from the app store. Want to listen to music from your computer? Have a look at software such as Airfoil or Jamcast!
How does the ROCKI app connect to my ROCKI?
ROCKI uses your wireless network to connect. Alternatively you can create a direct wifi connection between your phone and one ROCKI.
Do I need an internet connection to listen to music with ROCKI?
Only if you want to stream your internet radio or cloud music to your speakers. Music available on your local devices (smartphone or PC) can be played as long as you have a WiFi enabled network.
Does ROCKI stream music to my speakers?
Yes, using WiFi the music is streamed from local storage or any supported cloud based music collection from you smartphone to the ROCKI device. Simply connect your ROCKI to your speakers, and BAM, there's your music!

Music / Content

Does ROCKI play online music services?
Yes! ROCKI has Soundcloud and LastFM already integrated. More services are being developed and we are contacting those that require licensing agreements for partnership. Our intention is to make available as many of your favorite services as possible in the ROCKI Free Your Music ecosystem.



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