Music Technology Start-up ROCKI secures Kickstarter Funding in One Day

November 28, 2013, 3:44 pm



28 November 2013, New York - Music technology start-up ROCKI secures Kickstarter funding on its first day. The enthusiastic support from backers proves there is a large untapped demand for an affordable, easy to use wireless music system.

 With the funding secured, ROCKI is set to disrupt the wireless music market that is currently dominated by bluetooth aficionados and speaker builders. Instead of building speakers, ROCKI opted to apply their expertise and technology to turn all your old speakers into modern Wifi-enabled speakers capable of multi-room music. This busts open a market that consists of billions of speakers that have no wifi capabilities, a market where no competition for ROCKIs combination of function, affordability and simplicity exists.

“I’m often asked why hasn’t anyone else done this? I don’t know why; it seems very logical as we are living in a world where streaming music is strongly increasing. On another note, everyone’s conscious about exhausting earth’s resources. Why throw away a perfectly good pair of speakers when you can simply add Wifi to it?! At $49, it’s an excellent proposition for everyone to keep their favorite speakers and enjoy the latest streaming music” says Nick NM Yap, CEO & Founder of ROCKI

With the funding secured, ROCKI can now focus on production and deliver the first batch in December 2013. The team is actively researching many great features that users have  suggested since the launch. Announcements regarding the research results and implementation of features are expected soon.

ROCKIs quest to “Free your music” already has the support of more than a 1000 backers pledging more than 80.000+ USD in two days. The ROCKI Kickstarter campaign has another 21 days to gather more support on its road to changing the way everyone listens to music at home.

ROCKI Kickstarter Campaign:

ROCKI - From every phone, To all speakers, For everyone. Free your music!



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ROCKI has designed and developed the ROCKI Wifi Music System with the vision to revolutionize home music. By first transforming all existing speakers new or old into wifi speakers, and building the ROCKI system that plays music from every phone, to all speakers, for everyone, ROCKI changes the way everyone enjoys music. Free your music!