Firmware Update tutorial

Manually Updating the ROCKI Firmware

Although firmware should be downloaded to the ROCKI automatically whenever we upload a new version, you’d still need to reboot the ROCKI for it to be installed (ROCKI will tell you it’s installing new firmware, LED will be flashing green during the process). However, manually installing the firmware ensures you got the latest version.


Step 1:
On your computer, go to this link and download the latest firmware for your ROCKI. Save the firmware file somewhere on your computer. We’ll need it later on.


Step 2:
Connect your ROCKI Play to power and your audio system, using the cables included in the package. Once connected to power, a green LED will light up on top of the ROCKI PLAY

Step 3:
Wait for about 20 seconds, you will hear a voice over the speakers say ROCKI has succesfully started up.

If it started up in hotspot mode, go to step 4.

If ROCKI has successfully connected to your wifi router, you’ll need to find the IP address it received first. It’d have gotten an IP address from your router. The easiest way to find it is to check the File Explorer on a Windows PC for network devices it has found. You should see a ROCKI device there, right-click it and choose properties to see the IP it’s on. Note it down and skip to step 6.


Step 4:
When in hotspot mode, you are able to find it labeled as ROCKI_xxxxx in the list of wireless networks:


Step 5:
Select the ROCKI and enter the wireless password: 87654321

Step 6:
Once connected, open a browser and go to the ROCKI web config page.

- In hotspot mode the address is
- If connected to your home wifi, go to “http://ROCKI_IP_ADDRESS” (ip address you found in step 3)

Step 7:
Scroll down to the “Firmware Update” section and click on “Choose File” to select the firmware file to upload to your ROCKI

Step 8:
Select the ROCKI firmware from your computer and click “open”.
Note: the file must be named “dlna_upnp.tar.gz” otherwise the update will not work.


Step 9:
Click “Upload File” and wait for the file to be uploaded to your ROCKI


Step 10:
Once the file has been uploaded you will see a screen saying “Succeed to upload, Effective after restart”. At this point you need to turn your ROCKI unit off and then back on again. You can do so by pressing the “Return Index” link on the page and then press the Reboot button in the config page. Alternatively you can press and hold the power button next to the connections on the ROCKI to switch it off, and do the same to switch it back on again.



Step 11:
Once the ROCKI turns back on you will hear it say “I am upgrading Firmware”. This should take about 30 seconds. Once the upgrade is complete you will hear your ROCKI say “I have successfully upgraded the firmware”.

Shortly after this, the ROCKI will tell you it has started up again.

You’re done! Your ROCKI is now running the latest firmware!