Get ready to ROCKI your world

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Free your music

Play your music anywhere and on every speaker. Don’t limit yourself to your phone, laptop or tablet. Get it out there and set it free! With ROCKI you connect wirelessly to any audio system and gives you the music experience you deserve.
How does it work?

Share and invite your friends

With ROCKI you can have more than one phone controlling the music and create a music queue together. Invite your friends to connect to ROCKI and let them add their tunes to the playlist and free their music too!
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Sarah Evans
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Peter Green
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Tiago Pereira
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Benthe Slim
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Conny Koomen
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Play it everywhere

Hook up all your audio systems and speakers around the house with ROCKI's and control what you want to listen in each and every room! Have uplifting beats while working in the living room and hear the chilling beauty of Portuguese fado when walking to the kitchen.
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Available in the latest trend colors

ROCKI comes in different flavors, just like your music. To match your mood, your speaker system or to match the color of your room. Available in 7 amazing trend colors, there is always a color for you to brighten up your life.

    There is more than the looks

    ROCKI has plenty more to offer! Check out some of the awesome features to help you enjoy your music even more! Still Questions after this? Feel free to contact us or check out or FAQ
    Smallest of its kind

    ROCKI is so small it fits right into your pocket to be with you all the time

    Find that song again

    Look back at what has been played before and get that song your friends were playing

    Searching made easy

    Search and browse your music by artist, genre, year or album.

    Make it your own

    Create your own playlists with a press of a button

    Buy Now!

    We have successfully funded our kickstarter project!

    Thanks everyone who believed in us and supported us during this journey. You can order your own ROCKI right here on this website!
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