Rocki+Spotify | Trio (3)

Rocki+Spotify turns your hifi stereo, car, boombox, clock radio or home theater into a wireless music system - no need to replace perfectly good speakers!
  • Superior sound and range, over WiFi. Each Rocki+Spotify device works by joining your existing WiFi network.
    Stream your music straight from Spotify Connect to any of your speakers in high fidelity sound. No poor range, lack of multitasking or low quality audio like with Bluetooth. Hear the difference with high quality, WiFi streaming.
  • Easily connect audio to your Rocki+Spotify's via 3.5mm input. Included are standard 3.5mm and RCA audio connectors.
  • On-the-go power. Included with every device is an internal battery designed for up to 4 hours of continual use.
  • With support for UPnP, use 3rd party software such as BubbleUPnP to conveniently stream music with even more customization.
  • Charge via micro USB. Along with charging cable, we will provide you with your country of residence's correct power adapter.
  • Stay up to date automatically. Once connected to your wireless network, Rocki+Spotify will update in the background as needed to bring you the newest features and updates automatically.
  • RockiOnAir App: (Coming in July) With our brand new suite of apps, stream any of your local content from PC, Tablet, or Phone to any other device or Rocki. Liberate your music.
  • Multi-Room Synch: (Coming in July) Own multiple Rocki devices? Play music to all of them as one, wireless high fidelity music system. Play any of your music to any of your Rocki's and fill all corners of your home or party with the music you love.