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"ROCKI Transforms Old Speakers Into Smartphone-Ready Audio Devices"

"...delivers reliable Wi-Fi audio streaming in a small, portable and inexpensive package"


ROCKI plugs into your speakers & connects with your wifi network.

Use the ROCKI app for a quick and easy setup and control your music directly from the Spotify app.

Enjoy your music throughout the house, hassel & wire free through Spotify Connect!

Relax on the couch and control your hi-fi sytem with just a touch of a button, using your phone or tablet.

ROCKI uses wi-fi for streaming so you're getting higher fidelity sound compared to Bluetooth.

The only wi-fi streaming device that fits in your pocket and goes with you wherever you go thanks to the built-in battery.

Use the ROCKI app to switch between ROCKIS or if you have a Spotify Premium account,
simply switch ROCKIS within the Spotify app.

Whether you use Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Last.FM or want to listen to your own music collection - it's all right there!

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