airplay drops or cuts out

ROCKI App Beta expected in April - for now follow instructions on for setup to play to ROCKI with Airplay

by mihu » Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:02 pm

Recently bought a rocki and had no trouble connecting it to network in anticipation of using airplay. Unfortunately, my rocki constantly drops from the network when I switch sources (ie iPhone to itunes over PC).

The only solution is to reboot my rocki.

Furthermore, when I play music from my iPhone the streaming airplay cuts out a ton. I wish the rocki would work on 5hGz, but I don't think that's a reality at the moment.

Bit frustrated at the moment, you guys have gotten a lot of press with little public mention of your teething problems. Not getting that out of the box "wow" that is going to make me sing your praises.

Please advise.
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by Simon » Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:23 am

Hi Mike!

I'm sorry to hear that. We will have an update for both ROCKI and the app coming out soon which should tackle that problem. Thanks for the feedback though, it really helps us improving ROCKI!

As for the 5GHz, indeed ROCKI doesn't support it yet but we are seeing quite some people out there who ask about it so we are looking into it!

Cheers and thanks for the support!
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by odinbolt » Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:16 am

I've noticed a similar problem with our iphone 5. if it's connected via airplay and then i turn off wi-fi on the phone, the rocki doesn't recover. if i turn wi-fi back on, reconnect with airplay it won't stream music and the music app gives up after a few seconds. i try connecting with my android phone and it also fails (bubbleUPnP gives a 501 error). i have to reboot the rocki and then things work again. somehow the rocki can't recover from the loss of the iphone's wi-fi connection. i got this to repeat a couple times once i figured that out. it seems like that kind of random error recovery should be hammered on as part of your quality department's test plan. i hope the robustness improves in the device. with airplay on the iphone i don't care about a rocki app and on android i can use bubbleUPnP until the rocki app improves. please put your efforts towards making the rocki firmware solid. i don't want to be rebooting the rocki during a party.
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by Simon » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:04 am

Hey @odinbolt!

Thank you for letting us know about that bug! We'll look into it!

Our developers are constantly working to improve both the ROCKI apps and the firmware to avoid these kind of situation. We will soon be releasing a new firmware version which will bring more stability and a few new feature. More news will be posted through our channels in the coming weeks!

Thanks for the support!
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