The All New Rocki OnAir app!

December 24, 2015, 11:22 pm

Just in time for the end of the year, we’re happy to announce our all new Rocki OnAir app suite, launching first on Android!

We have rebuilt our app from the ground up to not only play to any of your Rocki-enabled speakers, but also unify your library across devices to allow streaming play and control of all your music, anywhere. We will be rolling out Desktop, iOS and TV set top box versions soon as well, so any music stored on those devices or with our streaming music partners can be accessed on any other device.

We’ve been working hard to bring this to the Rocki community before the end of the year and can’t wait for you all to see it. For a full description of our new app and features, visit Rocki OnAir in the Google Play Store and see the description below. More updates, setup enhancements, Multi-room synch, social play, and new streaming partners coming soon too!

To celebrate the end of a year and the new launch, we’re also offering 25% off all orders through our web shop!
Just use code “RockiOnAir” at our store.


Thanks for a great 2015!

-Rock Team



Rocki OnAir - Google Play Store
(Android 6 support coming soon)


Rocki OnAir is a music app that makes all your devices act like ONE. It connects your devices across the internet and finally makes it easy to stream music or access music stored elsewhere and play it on ANY speaker.

It’s like your private music cloud that turns every device into a universal music control. Users simply select where the music should play, then select any song. It just works, no matter where the song is actually stored or how the device is connected, 3G/4G or on wifi.

More than ever, we are all streaming our music. Now, play your music to any speaker with any of our growing list of streaming partners.

- Spotify
- Deezer
- SoundCloud
- Coming Soon: Pandora, Rdio, Tidal,, FamilyShare and more

As a revolutionary Music Player, not only can you play, but also pause, skip, queue and control your music across devices as well.

Have Rocki for your stereo or home theater system? Now, pause or control it from any Rocki OnAir app, over wifi or 3G/4G. Have music playing through our OnAir Player app for PC? Now, control it from any phone or tablet. Our vision is to open access and streamline the experience so it just works, everywhere.

Turn ANY audio system and speaker into a wireless music system with Rocki Play and Rocki + Spotify. Our $49 adapter, plugs into any speaker system to play hi-fi quality music over wifi. Just add it to your wifi with our one-time setup process and that’s it! Extend your range, reduce interference and elevate your listening beyond Bluetooth. Once connected, our Rocki OnAir app can play music to it wirelessly.


Please visit for more information. Support for iOS, Windows, as well as tablets, and desktops (PC, Mac, Linux) coming soon.




Free shipping to the U.S. Worldwide shipping available.