ROCKI Android App 1.0.11

October 21, 2014, 11:31 pm

We’ve just pushed through a new update for the ROCKI Android app!


In version 1.0.11 you will see Familystream appear in your menu. Familystream is a dutch streaming service with a reformatory character.
From psalms to classical music, from solo to massive vocal harmonies and instrumental to choirs Familystream offers an extended library of music which can be streamed from anywhere.

Now integrated in the ROCKI app, Familystream can be streamed wirelessly to your speakers through your ROCKI, allowing you to cut the cables!


In this update we also improved the overall stability of the app and more.


We’ve also started pushing out OTA (Over the air) automatic updates for your ROCKI so you don’t have to think about updating the firmware anymore. Once a new firmware version is available, ROCKI will automatically update and bring you the latest features.



Free shipping to the U.S. Worldwide shipping available.