Let’s Party with Rocki + Spotify

June 3, 2015, 9:56 pm

Party Playlist is absolutely one of the most “want to have” feature request we get. How do you let everyone at a party suggest & play songs? Together, like a modern day Jukebox, but with everyone’s own phones and playlists, wirelessly.

Well, now you can Party with Rocki + Spotify.

Have you heard of Collaborative Playlist in Spotify?
It’s there, in the playlist options - go try it. It’s in the Spotify phone apps as well as the Spotify desktop software. I sometimes wonder why it’s not used or talked about as much. It’s definitely awesome for a party. Also good for a couple of friends hanging out.


Start a playlist, make it collaborative.
Send the playlist link to everyone you want to invite into the party. You could also paste the playlist link on your group invite or Facebook event page! Anyone with the link would be able to join in and start adding songs from their own collection. It’s awesome to see what others add, it usually inspires me to go “oh yes, and that other song too!”.

At the party, just plug a Rocki into any stereos.
Practically all stereos have a line-in, even the A/V system in event halls have line-in. Anything you can plug an AUX cable in, you can plug a Rocki in. Set it up to connect to the wifi and now you have Spotify on your stereos wirelessly via wifi. You need just one Spotify Premium user - yourself or a friend. Spotify Connect (Play to Rocki) is a premium feature. Start playing that party collaborative playlist, choose play to Rocki. And now everyone else can use Spotify (free or premium) on their phones, tablets, laptops to add songs to that collaborative playlist and have their songs played on the party stereo!

Hear a song you like? Quickly whip out your phone and save it to your playlist in Spotify.

Hear a song that makes you think of another song? Whip out your phone and add that to the party playlist.

Works even remotely!
Get this… even the ones you invited but couldn’t be at the party! They too can add songs to the playlist played at the party, from wherever they are!

And if the playlist gets out of control?
Like having someone insisting on adding his psychedelic-country-trance-rap collection o.O. Well, just start another playlist and hush hush don’t tell the him :-).

The “After Party”
What’s also awesome is that after the party, you still can check on the playlist and go through the list picking out your favorites for your collection. And why not throw another party, a sequel!

So, if you’re still fighting over that aux cable, STOP it.
None of you need to “sacrifice” your phone to be stuck to the stereos.

Add this to your party!
- 1x Rocki
- 1x mate with Spotify Premium
- 1x collaborative playlist with everyone invited

We’re in the 2015, do this. Party smarter, party harder!




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