Fall Update

October 12, 2015, 6:55 pm

It’s been a busy summer for Rocki! Now that it’s officially Fall, we wanted to reach out and give everyone an update on what we are working on. One of our main focuses right now are our next generation cloud-based suite of apps. We’ve been working for some time on updating our app experience. We’ve rebuilt our apps from the ground up, integrating a cloud-based architecture that will be supported on mobile as well as desktop. We’ve heard a lot of feedback since releasing our initial apps for Kickstarter and we’re really proud of what we have coming soon. We think you’ll love it and we can’t wait to show more. We don’t currently have a release date yet, but we will be sure to share more about it soon.

We have also been hearing lately from the community that you would all like more frequent updates. We understand frustration on this, and we hear you all loud and clear. We are a small team here at Rocki and as we’ve been looking to the future, unfortunately it’s too often been done at the expense of communication with our community. We will be outlining a series of detailed updates covering a number of common questions over the next week or two, and we will also start monthly or bi-monthly general updates this month and moving forward.

What are some of our common questions? In the next week or two, we will give detailed updates on the following.

  • New Rocki suite of apps
  • Play+ status
  • Multi-room synch
  • Partnerships
  • Airplay status

It’s an exciting time at Rocki. We know that you, the Rocki backers, customers, testers and community at large are why we are here. As we continue to grow, we appreciate your continued patience and excitement for what lies ahead.
For any questions or feedback, you can always email us or create a ticket.

- Rocki Team




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