December Update: Airplay/Play+

December 16, 2015, 11:25 pm

We receive a number of questions around the status of Airplay and the Play+, so we wanted to put a post together with updates for both.


Some customers have noticed that Airplay is no longer available with the newest Rocki. Unfortunately, this past May we had to remove Airplay functionality from the Rocki Play firmware. The feature was part of our internal testing process but was unfortunately not supposed to be in the public release firmware at that point. Older devices were able to keep the functionality, but we were not able to offer it in new devices sold. We have since updated the ROCKI web store listings to remove all references of AirPlay and reduce any confusion moving forward. That said, as we work on our next-generation new Rocki OnAir iOS app, we are working to include Airplay support again. As soon as we have an update or confirmed timeline we will be sure to post that here, as well as on social media.


For those that aren’t familiar, the Play+ is the higher audio quality, optical audio version of the Rocki Play. It was another backing level to our original Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, since the release of the Rocki Play, we have not been able to finalize the Play+ and deliver it to backers or those who have pre-ordered. We have been very close, but working with our manufacturer in China and after numerous workarounds we still haven’t gotten it ready to ship. For those that are curious about the specifics, the chipset we chose to use is not able to run Linux and our system on top, which has created extensive development and stability issues, despite the supplier originally telling us that it could in fact do that. We were told numerous times by the factory that a completed product was just 3 months away. Unfortunately after being told this for nearly a year and having wasted so much time in the process, we were left with little choice but to go to a new supplier. In the end, we take full responsibility for our choice of supplier and our acting too late to make the jump to someone new. Internally, it has been a huge frustration seeing the hardware sitting and ready to ship to our customers, but knowing that the software development is the only last hurdle. We want to apologize to you our backers, customers, and community at large for this. We appreciate your patience throughout this ordeal and we are working hard to make it right.

Currently, we are evaluating better chipset option that works with what we have already developed so we can get this to you sooner across a number of suppliers. We are pushing hard to complete this in Q1 2016, but we will be sure to update you once a timeline has been confirmed.

Given these extreme delays, we want to offer as many options to you as possible. We are excited to announce a new cloud-based suite of apps to unify your library across devices, as well as our multi-room synch and social playlist features coming soon. We think you’ll love to use your Play+ with these newest product, but if you don’t want to wait, we certainly understand that as well.


If you pre-ordered or were a backer, what are your options?

We have been in communication with most who pre-ordered or were backers and we currently offer an exchange or refund program. You can do any of the following:

  • Exchange your Play+ order for 2 Rocki Plays
  • Receive one Rocki Play now, and still get your Play+ once it ships
  • Process your refund

*If you haven’t done this, but would like to, please send your order #, or backer# information in an email to [email protected]



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